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wedding with no bridal party

No Wedding Bridal Party? No Problem

The movie Bridesmaids tells the harrowing tale of one woman’s barbaric bridal party, complete with yelling, tears, and dress ripping; and The Hangover tells a story of how a group of groomsmen lose their groom in Las Vegas.

Wedding Mood Boards 101

By Lauren Allvord   Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding since childhood or just created your first Pinterest account, there’s always room to hone in the vision for your big day. And using a mood board, wedding planning pros attest, is …
wedding dress code black tie optional

Your Wedding Dress Code Cheat Sheet

By Becca Jones   Ever received a wedding invite and been at a loss for words? No, not because of who’s getting married but by word combos like: black tie, California casual, semi-formal, cocktail attire? What does it all mean? Fret no …
6 ways to include a pet in your wedding

6 Classy Ways to Include a Pet in Your Wedding

By Cole Zerboni   We can hear the bells… and the barks! Unblinded by the popularity of brides and grooms including pups and other furry friends in their wedding ceremonies, some venues have started offering a pet package to help make pets …

6 Steps of the Wedding Planning Process

There’s a time for everything, from when to announce your engagement to how soon you should freeze your cake. Here, four pros help us lay out every step of the wedding planning process—no matter how major or minute. Read ’em, Do ’em, …