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The Perfect Tie for Every Style

Whether it’s a bow tie or a bolo tie, the one you choose communicates a lot about your personality. Here, Catherine Bachelier of Catherine Bachelier StyleMaker serves as a translator. By Becca Jones The tie tie is for classic men, oftentimes with …
greenhouse wedding Irvine

Wedding Inspiration: Garden Party? More Like Greenhouse Party!

By Becca Jones   Don’t be fooled. This isn’t your classic garden party wedding. It’s, in fact, a greenhouse wedding, masterfully coordinated by Southern House Events. This modern-meets-colorful scene was brought to fruition at The Nursery by Southwinds in Irvine, California. The experiential theme …

4 Elements to a Well-Suited Wedding Look for Men

Go beyond the bare bones of a button-down, jacket, and trousers with elements, accents, and accessories tailorable to every groom. Seriously, suit yourself!  “One of my favorite trends is for the groom to set himself apart from the groomsmen and dads. Wear …