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lomas santa fe country club

Bryan and Lindsey’s Lomas Santa Fe Family Wedding

Sure, Bryan and Lindsey’s initial encounter was a little calculated—they met on eHarmony—but their connection was a mark of true fate. After matching virtually, they spontaneously met in person when they brought their children to the same park at the same time. …
Brian and Cheryl hold hands

Brian and Cheryl’s Big Happy Family Wedding

Though she probably had some promising presents waiting under the Christmas tree, Cheryl received her shiniest holiday gift a few days early while at a lookout point over Washington’s Snoqualmie Falls. Brian, clasping the ring so tightly his knuckles turned white (it …

Bryan and Lindsey’s Beautiful Black Tie Wedding

By Jordan Lemke Bryan and Lindsey first “met” on eHarmony, but their first meeting was an accidental run-in to each other—and their respective children—at a park. With that fate in their favor, they couldn’t resist to date. On the cliffs across from …