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Groom’s Corner

8 Necessities for the Groom’s Wedding Day

It’s not as simple as strutting down the aisle. There’s the musk, the ’do, and yes, the tears to consider. As regional manager and event planner at Friar Tux, Eric Acuña has coached grooms through them all. Pore over his must-haves that …

4 Elements to a Well-Suited Wedding Look for Men

Go beyond the bare bones of a button-down, jacket, and trousers with elements, accents, and accessories tailorable to every groom. Seriously, suit yourself!  “One of my favorite trends is for the groom to set himself apart from the groomsmen and dads. Wear …

7 Patterned Suits to Spruce Up Your Look

Patterns, pinstripes, plaid…oh my! Step up your groom’s game with a fresher take on the wedding tuxedo: suits in a classic pattern. No, that doesn’t mean to wear your grandpa’s tweed jacket from the pre-war era. We recommend looking into the more …

Grooms Corner: How to Dress Your Groom

Check out these fun ideas on how to dress your groom.  You may recall our fun Groom’s fashion feature (from the current issue of Exquisite Weddings) highlighting flower print shirts and bow ties.  Definitely a far cry from a conservative tuxedo & black tie …

Boys’ Weekend

If he’s going to plan a last hurrah, he might as well go all out with a round of golf, fireside shooters and cigars, and beer tasting. But, uh, that’s it, fellas!

Urban Chic

Bridal party attire gets edgy and cool with above-the-knee hems, bold patterns, and unconventional colors.