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Issue Feature: Fall 2019

Whether or Not to Hire a Wedding Planner

It’s the number-one thing couples say they don’t regret splurging on—the wedding planner. But these services come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. Here, Michelle Garibay of Michelle Garibay Events and Melissa Tuvey of I Do Weddings spell out the differences in …
Three brides stand next to table topped with yellow florals

Bright Ideas: A Yellow Wedding Color Palette

We know what you’re thinking. Yellow for a wedding? How tacky? Set those reservations aside, because that’s not quite, when done right. The brightest hue on the color spectrum stands for happiness—and that’s an emotion no nearly wed should reject. For our …
Three brides pose together amid blue furniture and florals

Head in the Sky: A Blue Wedding Color Palette

Bright blue, light blue, dark blue, Jet Blue—nope, that last one doesn’t count, but we’ll lop it in with sky blue—um, we’re seeing blue. As part of our “Color Me Pretty” wedding gown shoot, honing in on five particular color schemes for …