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6 weddings cakes with various icings and florals

5 Defined Tastes for Your Wedding Cake

The real icing on the cake is what each coating says about you. Let the outside make a first impression but, remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.   1. Fondant noun With a consistency as solid as the sophistication …

4 Wedding Cake Alternatives We Love

Got the cake blues? We don’t blame you. While wedding cake sampling seems like a great excuse to taste an infinite amount of desserts, after try number 50 with no luck of finding “the one,” red velvet doesn’t seem so tasty after …
wedding cakes with simple, light icing on cake stands

How to Get the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams

Cake artist Stevi Auble is also a formally trained interior designer, so it’s no surprise that her delectable creations are known for their modern, minimalist aesthetic. Here, the San Diego–based dessert designer gives her tips for getting the wedding cake of your …

Design Inspiration: Bridal Shower

First comes love, then comes….baby? Okay so I might have fibbed a bit, this is a baby shower not a bridal shower. But once you take a peak at what To La Lune Events has done for this event, you’ll be wishing you …

Desserts: Fourth of July Party

The Fourth of July is the perfect holiday for trying out new recipes and traditions. While you may have a few of your go-to favorites already on the menu today, nothing says festive like plating up a new sweet treat.