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Condor’s Nest Ranch Was the Perfect Place for This Bohemian Wedding

Amanda and Derek might’ve patented the term “kindergarten sweethearts.” Amanda was four and Derek five when they met playing sports as kids. Even when Amanda’s family moved to Houston, hers and Derek’s remained close, visiting each other every summer—and Amanda and Derek even more so. “We dated long distance for about a year and a half, going back and forth from Houston to San Diego, until I moved to San Diego in 2016… and we lived happily ever after!” Amanda jests.

The long-distance lovers turned fiancés opted to wed 30 minutes south of Temecula at Condor’s Nest Ranch, a totally fitting setting for their boho big day. Layered vintage rugs lined Amanda’s path to the altar, where Derek and a feathery triangular arch awaited her.

Their vision aside from aesthetics? “To not only celebrate the love we have for each other, but the love we have for the people who attended.” Their intimate family ties of over 20 years were seen in every detail: faux florals arranged by the bride’s cousin, sweets whipped up by the bride’s mom, and the groom’s cousin strumming ceremony music on the ukulele. “Our families were so involved with making our wedding day the best day ever.”The best part of all? According to the bride, it was that the fun lasted all weekend. Amanda, Derek, and their closest family and friends stayed at Condor’s Nest Ranch for three nights total.Derek proposed on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas—and in a hot air balloon, per Amanda’s request. “I always joked with him while we were dating that if he didn’t propose to me in a hot air balloon that I’d say no!”The couple’s flowers, cake, and decor were crafted by family members. “There was so much love in every detail,” Amanda says. “It will be a day they remember for the rest of their lives!”



Their Talented Team

Catering: Bekker’s Catering
Coordination, Entertainment & Linens: Condor’s Nest Ranch
Dress: Dreamers & Lovers
Hair: The Collective Hair Salon
Makeup: Taylor Goudey Makeup
Photography: Erin Wiese Photo
Rentals: Witty Rentals
Rings: Lucky Street Marketplace (his); Zales (hers)
Suits: Macy’s
Paper: Shutterfly
Venue: Condor’s Nest Ranch
Videographer: Kailoa Powers

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