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The Perfect Tie for Every Style

Whether it’s a bow tie or a bolo tie, the one you choose communicates a lot about your personality. Here, Catherine Bachelier of Catherine Bachelier StyleMaker serves as a translator.

By Becca Jones

The tie tie is for classic men, oftentimes with a preppy side.

The person wearing this tie is sharp and probably planning a more laid-back wedding. Stay away from tuxedos when styling it and instead opt for slacks and a blazer. A linen-blend version, on the other hand, is not quite black, making it an easy accessory to mix and match with dark hues.


The bolo tie is for gents who opt for personal style over tradition.

This leather, silver, and precious stone accessory is making a comeback. Grooms who go for it often don’t do so solo—they’ll don one along with their groomsmen. While tuxedos are off limits, this tie’s suit options are endless. Pair it with a crisp or linen shirt, slacks or jeans, and any jacket you so please.


The bow tie is fitting for a slew of guys, from high-class to cheeky types.

The polka-dot bow tie is for a groom and his besties who have spunk. They’ll pair it with any suit or tuxedo in any color. By comparison, the paisley textured bow tie is the very tie that made “black tie” a thing. It’s dapper enough to dress to the nines or versatile enough to accessorize a casual suit.

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Ties from top to bottom
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Black Pointed-Tip Knit Tie, $25, The Tie Bar
The Canyon Moon Vintage Bolo Tie, $124, Hand Meets Sky
Triangular-Shaped Stone Bolo Tie, $15, Amazon
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Black Ceremony Paisley Bow Tie, $25, The Tie Bar

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