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LED Robots Made an Appearance at This San Diego Wedding

These newlyweds weren’t the only ones glowing on their wedding night. They also had LED robots on stilts and giant glow sticks on their dance floor. (Hey, Barry and Celine wanted to incorporate their love for music festivals and concerts into their big day!)

A live sax player and hula dancers topped off the entertainment, while guests sipped specialty cocktails named after the couple’s parrot and dog (The Tiki Spritz on the Fritz and The Maddie Mad Dog Margarita).

And to make the day even more special, the groom’s best friend officiated the ceremony. In lieu of a guest book, they fashioned together a wooden board for guests to sign, and on it was string-art outlines of the bride and groom’s home states, California and New Jersey.

Though these two grew up on opposite ends of the country, fate brought them together during their dental residencies in the Bronx. They got engaged in Celine’s hometown of San Diego on Coronado Island.

To this day, Barry thought he was playing it cool before he took a knee. But Celine knows her other half better than he knows himself. “Barry gave it away with the slight raise in his vocal pitch, perspiring palms, and dilated pupils,” she jests.

And, it turns out, Barry knows her just as well. Considerate of the fact that his bride was in her chief year of a dental anesthesia residency, studying for her board exams, and looking for a job, he took over much of the wedding planning process.

Their review of the big day? Absolutely glowing!

Luggage Drop

The escort card display doubled down on the wedding being a bit of a destination in that it was fashioned out of luggage tags.

Coming in Hot

The couple surprised their guests with a second entrance into their reception area, accompanied by two LED robots on stilts and wearing new outfits—Celine sported a white lace jumpsuit and gold sneakers, while Barry wore a golden crown and white light-up shoes.



Their Talented Team

Cake & Catering: The Wild Thyme Company
Coordination: Melissa Reinke, Sweet Blossom Weddings
Dress: Made with Love Bridal
Florals: Studio Fleurish
Hair & Makeup: Elwynn and Cass
Suits: Damari Savile
Paper: Minted
Photography: Kami Olavarria Photography
Sweets: Gelato Paradiso
Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum
Videography: Shutter & Sound Films

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