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Bridal Veils Are Making a Long-Awaited Comeback

“Pearly” blusher veil, $320; “Dove” gown, $1,630

Yes, the veil is popular again—but choosing the wrong hairstyle to go with it can throw off your whole look. Thankfully, Alexis Dunnigan, the hair and makeup maven behind XO Beauty Co., has the formula for a winning combination.

For starters, short veils were made for updos. “It accentuates [the hairstyle] by acting like an accessory instead of covering it completely,” Dunnigan says, and adds there’s one hair type in particular that goes well. “I love birdcage and blusher veils for pixie cuts. They are flirtier and fun, helping to dress up a short hairstyle.”

As for when to opt for an updo, outdoor brides take note: “If your hair is long but doesn’t hold a curl, pick an updo to have a long-lasting style that won’t fall out before you walk down the aisle.”

Meanwhile, “half up, half down looks best in a fingertip or medium-length veil,” Dunnigan explains. It’s also the perfect combo to allow your ’do and veil to equally shine. “I love to showcase the style by adding the veil right under the half-up detail on the crown of the head.”

With an up or a down ’do, you’ll have plenty of bobby pins to anchor your accessory in place. To remove the veil, Dunnigan has a hack: “Do a small shimmy motion back and forth as you pull out to avoid any unwanted snagging.”

“Chantilly” veil, $490; “Dove” gown, $1,630

Finally, when yearning for a long veil, don’t stress about styling your tresses.

“A long veil is a statement. Don’t overpower it with a detailed updo that competes with its beauty. Having your hair all the way down—completely sleek and straight or with soft Hollywood curls—is the perfect hairstyle for a long veil.”

And though you may be tempted to add extra accessories (flowers, barrettes, clips, etc.) to your new ’do, Dunnigan encourages against this. “Let the veil shine by itself,” she says—just don’t forget bobby pins to keep it in place.

Ultimately, she concludes, “a veil is a form of self-expression and, when it comes to your specific style, there are no wrong answers.”

Hot tip! Doing a first look? Leave your veil behind. This way, it’ll serve as a surprise to your partner when you walk down the aisle.

Shop the looks at Grace Loves Lace. Photography by Sophia Elizabeth Photography.

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