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5 Alternative Wedding Desserts That Take the Cake!

By Jenna Miller

The Cookie Cake

You’ve been there, ate that flat cookie cake. But a towering 12-layer cookie cake? That elevates the baked good for a wedding. For their version, Cute Cakes glues cookie disks together with silky buttercream frosting. Best news is it’s one of the most durable desserts. You can leave it out for hours. But hot, direct sunlight may melt the frosting layers, so try and keep this cake indoors or in the shade if it’s an especially warm day.


The Napoleon Cake

If it looks like a cake and smells like a cake, it must be… nope, this is a napoleon cake. The French Gourmet makes the delicate French dessert using a combination of light puff pastry and silky pastry cream. It can be served with chocolate, fruit sauces, or fresh fruit and is best suited for indoor venues with AC or outdoor venues in colder months with shaded areas. Leave it out for three hours max.


The Cotton Candy Cake

Nothing but fluff to see here. Spun and plated by Swoonful Cotton Candy, the cotton candy “cake” is perfect for whimsical weddings. Keep it in a cool environment away from direct sunlight until it’s time for its debut. Display or pick it apart for an hour at most to ensure it stays fresh. Don’t want an entire plate? Opt for it as a cake topper instead!


The Cloud Cake

Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside—that’s the texture of The Wild Thyme Company’s Cloud Cake, a mash-up of pavlova (a meringue-based dessert) and macarons. Bonus: The simple ingredients are perfect for picky guests, because it’s gluten-free and can be made vegan upon request. No matter your dietary preferences, keep this delicacy out of humidity and stored in a cool room indoors for up to three hours.


The Paleta Cake

Popsicles, anyone? Nostalgic nearly-weds should look no further than these frozen Mexican treats that conjure up a few childhood memories. Holy Paleta stacked ’em here, and offers flavors ranging from milk and cookies to bananas Foster, passion fruit, and even avocado. The company serves them in a wood cooler or a cart to keep the paletas frozen for four to six hours, which means you can enjoy them no matter the season.

Photography by Studio Carré Photographie

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