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Have Food Truck Catering at Your Wedding This Year

Food truck catering wedding

By Jenna Miller


You said “I do,” you’ve taken your newlywed pics, and now you are starving. But you don’t want some boring wedding food that screams, “I was made in bulk.” No, get something that is hot, delicious, and fun.

Our suggestion to spice up your reception? Food truck catering. Have one roll up during your wedding, and you will be the talk of the town. Here are some options in San Diego if you’re looking for a unique vendor with delicious bites that you and your guests will love whether it be pizza, vegan options, or tacos.

Buona Forchetta’s Pizza Truck

Buona Forchetta is known for their pizzas and their hand-built Italian pizza ovens. Now they’ve creatively outfitted two vintage trucks with ovens to serve large groups anywhere in San Diego: Dante (yes, that’s the oven’s name) is on a 1946 Chevy flatbread—er, flatbed—and Beatrice (yep, that’s the other oven) is on a 1971 VW Single Cab Bus. Since the pizzas only take a few minutes to cook, this is a great way to serve quick and hearty meals to all of your guests after you say “I do.”

In addition to pizza, Buona catering also offers salads, pastas, and other antipasti dishes like Prosciutto e Melone or Artichokes. You can choose from tiramisu or cannoli for dessert.

Buona’s pizza is also accommodating to those with dietary restrictions with gluten free and vegan pizza options available. The trucks are able to serve large crowds easily (up to 125 guests).

Original Herbivore

This company has two food trucks, and the newer one is the only truck in So Cal with a built-in yakitori charcoal grill. Ya like the sound of that? Original Herbivore’s menu is all plant-based with a vibrant cuisine including smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. This truck is great for serving big crowds because of its large selection of menu items. One of the trucks can serve about 600 people and the smaller truck can serve about 400 people. In addition to its plant-based menu, the Original Herbivore truck offers some gluten-free and soy free options. Bonus: The truck is self-contained, meaning it doesn’t need water or power, so it can roll up wherever your reception may be. Looking you, isolated desert weddings and wild, wild wine country!

URBN Catering Pizza Truck

Here is another pizza truck to serve as the centerpiece of your rocking wedding. You don’t have to spend money on entertainment because guests can watch the URBN pizza cooks toss dough around and pull the sizzling pizzas out of the wood-fired oven. You can count on these guys to have buffet-style service right there on the truck as they lay out a beautiful spread across lovely wood tables. You can book just one truck or multiple trucks to cater your party.

Monster Crafts Food Truck

The Monster Crafts Food Truck serves up gourmet burgers, tacos, and seafood. This electric blue truck offers “Taco Cart Catering” where they prepare, cook, and build tacos in front of guests. They also offer sides and condiments from their custom and “modernized version” of the popular taco carts that are famous in Mexico’s streets. This Modern Food Cart fits in driveways, street corners, backyards, and is perfect for any type of party with minimal setup space. The truck can serve their full menu to parties under 50 people, but they offer a reduced menu for parties over 50 people.

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