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How to Create Unique His and Hers Wedding Cocktails

his and hers wedding cocktails

courtesy of Moniker Cocktail Co.

By Jenna Miller

The reception is here and it’s time to tell some stories and get the party started. (Nope, not the speeches.) Enter: The his and hers cocktails, the drinks on your wedding day that showcase you and your spouse’s individual charms.

“The fun in his and hers cocktails is that it’s a tribute to their personalities,” Lauren Weidley explains. We connected with the beverage catering manager at the newly launched Moniker Cocktail Co. to bring you everything you need to know about coupling up tipples on you wedding day, from what kind of alcohol you should use to how to come up with cool, creative names.

Think about the drink

To start planning for your his and hers cocktails, consider each of your personalities and make the drink unique to you. Don’t create a concoction because you think it’s going to be a crowd-pleaser; go with a drink you would want to sip on all night long.

Weidley also says that you don’t have to feel pressured to make your drinks pair well together. It’s your special day, so make your cocktails as different as you are.

“Spirits that pair well are amazing, but I don’t think they necessarily have to pick a spirit based on what they think goes well with the other. Chances are the guests will stick with the one or two spirits they like, regardless of the signature drinks. Pick spirits based on your favorite drink—after all, the day is about you!”

If you’re struggling to pick out your spirit, Weidley suggests a bourbon drink—it’s popular and pairs well with both simple and elaborate ingredients. Or, go with a clear spirit like gin or vodka because they are easy to pair and generally people really enjoy them, especially those rowdy grandparents… we see you doing the “Cha-Cha Slide,” Gam Gam.

his and hers wedding cocktails

Make an appearance with your spirits

Put garnishes and fun flavors into your drinks to make them stand out among the rest. (Think: Whittling a swan out of a cucumber, or balancing a skewer of gummy bears across the rim of the glass. Seriously, we’ve seen it!)

Another way to elevate your his and hers cocktails is to use fun glassware. Even if you’re drinking something as simple as a rum and coke, put it in a glass shaped as a cowboy boot to show off your country roots.

“If your favorite drink is a vodka mule, don’t feel like you have to change it just to make it more elaborate,” Weidley says. “Think about adding over-the-top garnishes instead of changing the actual drink that you enjoy.”

his and hers wedding cocktails

Photo by Christine Tustin

Nail the name with your cocktail

Now that you have your drink made, it’s time to give that sucker a name. Opt for something short and sweet and relating to what you both love—a special place, or a play on your last names. This is the time to really let both of your personalities shine, so have some fun with it!

“I love when couples name their cocktails with a clever spin,” Weidley says. “Whether that’s incorporating their new last name, a tribute to a personality trait, locations they’ve visited together, or anything else that’s a part of their story.”

If you’re having trouble sticking to just two options for the reception, Weidley suggests picking out a third drink, so now you have “his,” “hers,” and “our” drinks for your guests. The more the merrier—that’s the spirit!

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