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8 Things to Know About Mobile Bar Carts for Your Wedding

wedding mobile bar carts

Photo by Lauren Pollard


By Becca Jones

Vintage trailers, tricked-out Terrys, and priceless piaggio apes. Cocktail hour has been kicked into overdrive, and we’re here for it! Mobile bar carts are the perfect alternative to a plain ol’ bartending table—and companies like Poured with Love and The Swig Rig have been pioneering the craze in San Diego.

Inspired by smaller European bar carts, Poured with Love was brought to life by Lindsey and Danny Morando. The Swig Rig was born when Casey and Michael Belitz renovated “Swiggy,” a 1963 Terry travel trailer.

Here, both answer a few FAQs for curious brides and grooms. Cheers!

First off, what even is a mobile bar cart?

Your dream come true! On a serious note, it’s exactly what it sounds like: A stylish bar that can be carted to any venue.

Do we supply the alcohol, or does the company?

California law requires brides and grooms to provide their own alcohol in the case of booking a mobile bar cart. These mobile carts serve alcohol that is supplied by a caterer, event organizer, or third party. Companies like Poured with Love, however, can help you procure the perfect beverage menu based on budget and then guide you to a premium point of purchase. With partnerships at over 400 wineries, Poured with Love can provide quality brands at close to wholesale prices. Wave goodbye to Bevmo and Costco!

Do I need to procure a liquor license?

You’re not expected to. If your venue is on private property, holds a liquor license, or carries an alcohol permit, you’re good to go. If none of these are the case for you, fear not. Most mobile bar cart companies, including Poured with Love and The Swig Rig, can work with you to obtain a one-day ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) license.

Wine? Champagne? Margs? Can I have it all?

Both Poured with Love and The Swig Rig guarantee completely customizable drinks. Wine, champagne, beer (bottled or draft), signature cocktails on tap, even non-alcoholic beverages: Your event means your call. Want the cart as a rental prop alone? No problem. How about food? Both companies love the idea. The Swig Rig can be your very own coffee, mocktail, popsicle, donut, or even dessert bar. You dream it, they do it.

How many people can a mobile bar cart serve?

Because the carts are generally used outdoors, there is often no limit to how many people these companies can serve. Poured with Love combines cart with table and tray service to alleviate lines and get cool glasses of Champagne into guests’ hands. The Swig Rig, having served over 300 guests in a single event, fits three bartenders and features two service windows.

But will it go with my wedding aesthetic?

Both carts at Poured with Love and The Swig Rig were designed with every bride and groom’s wedding vision in mind, meaning they’ve kept their exteriors simple to blend with any color combo you’ve been dreaming up. Consider it a blank canvas to experiment with florals, balloon arches, signage, or furniture. Design away!

Do I have to drive that thing?

No way! Your mobile bar will be towed to and from your event, bringing the party to you. Both Poured With Love and The Swig Rig are husband-wife teams (that bring extra bartenders for larger events).

Can it stay forever, please?

Your mobile bar cart can be there as long as you want. From cocktail hour until last call, Belitz ensures your bar will be bumping.

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