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On The Eleventh Day of Christmas: Wedding Catering Trends in 2019/2020

(Photo of MIHO’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken-all natural free range chicken with red eye gravy and a napa cabbage and carrot slaw—courtesy of MIHO)

‘Tis the season to recollect on a year’s worth of wedding trends and what’s to come after the calendar year ends. To a “12 Days of Christmas” tune, we’re revisiting what big day details we saw in 2019 and what’s sure to appear in 2020. (Spoiler alert: No partridges in pear trees… but a pheasant or peacock, maybe.)

By Jenna Miller

Juan Mirón is the co-founder of MIHO Catering Co. and the master of gift wrapping. He is able to fold crisp creases and lock in the flavors of this yummiest little present—a perfectly cooked dumpling. Today, he’s serving up the most-requested wedding meals of 2019, clearing away last year’s dishes, and cooking up what he’s seeing for 2020 in the world of wedding catering.  

In 2019, people took an interest in meat other than chicken and steak for their entreé — think duck confit tacos, fried chicken, and lamb chops. In 2020 we can expect lighter, more delicate appetizers like tuna tartare or dumplings, and that means we can finally say goodbye to soup shooters with grilled cheese sandwiches next year.

Mirón also expects to see more people be aware of what they are eating by choosing more carefully crafted meals like handmade ravioli and totally vegan meals. That awareness also means choosing seasonal, local fish and picking out sustainable foods instead of serving specific types of fish like salmon or halibut.

While donut walls are on their way out, dessert stations and vegan menus are on the rise. Also expect to see more experiential food options, such as a live pasta station and live grilling like Yakitori or Paella.

“You eat with your eyes first,” Mirón says. “There is some magic in seeing the food you are going to enjoy being created right in front of you.”

On the bar side of things, drinking can also be an experience. You can have a welcome spritzer station, signature cocktails, signature toast, and late-night punch bowl (properly spiked, of course).

In 2019, Mirón serviced several beachy venues like Scripps Seaside and the Martin Johnson House, but he’s looking forward to cooking at more modern and urban venues with The Lane, JULEP, and Kettner Exchange in the upcoming year.

In terms of personalization in 2019, Mirón saw many clients pulling from their backgrounds or upbringing for specialty meals or cocktails. And for 2020, couples will continue this trend by filling their special day with food or drinks from where they grew up or custom cocktail napkins with fun facts about the couple (like Lisa can lick her elbow or Tom can unlock his phone with his nose).

If you want great food with delicious drinks on your special day, Mirón suggest you find a vendor who can do both really well. We’d be reminisced not to mention he owns one… cheers!

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