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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Wedding Ring Trends in 2019/2020

‘Tis the season to recollect on a year’s worth of wedding trends and what’s to come after the calendar year ends. To a “12 Days of Christmas” tune, we’re revisiting what big day details we saw in 2019 and what’s sure to appear in 2020. (Spoiler alert: No partridges in pear trees… but a pheasant or peacock, maybe.)

By Jenna Miller

We see rings and bling, and yellow gold too. We also see blue, for you and you. And we think to ourselves, what a wonderful year! Here, one of our favorite bling experts, Chelsea Kane of Brilliant Earth, shares what wonderful engagement and wedding ring trends we saw in 2019 and what to expect in 2020.

In 2019, the trend was elongated, fancy diamond shapes like oval, pear, emerald, and cushion diamonds. Kane says she’s expecting to see those trends remain strong going into 2020. Many celebs are sporting these gorgeous designs (Sarah Hyland, to name one on the oval bandwagon!), and Pinterest searches for “elongated cushion engagement rings” are increasing exponentially.

Expect to see more unique shapes, like radiant and marquise, and also understated styles that feature subtle, yet impactful, details like hidden halos gaining popularity in 2020.

Couples are steering clear from the over-the-top ring and vintage-inspired designs. Instead, they are finding their perfect ring in the understated styles, including timeless solitaires.

Millennial pink is getting the boot in 2020, as it’s time for yellow gold to make a grand entrance (again). Kane says that this gold is romantic and its warm tone goes very well with many popular styles like classic, contemporary, and vintage.

Diamonds also aren’t a girl’s best friend anymore, as couples are opting for more colorful gemstones like emeralds to sit pretty on their hand. And with the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year being blue, Kane is expecting an increase of sapphires next year.

Hey, if you like it, make a ring of it!

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