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How to Make Your Wedding Invites Your Way

When you want an invitation suite that’s totally new and customized, it can be tough to track down images for inspiration. Here, The Creative Clique divulges what words to use instead to push designers like them in a particular direction.

Colorful wedding stationery set with yellows, oranges, and pinks

“Colorful, punny, and playful”

Okay, it was actually one line from the couple that made the creative team run with this totally unique design: “Celebrate the fruits of labor.” The delivery is clear as can be in the fruits and veggies, dreamt up with help from Heather Balliet of Amorology.

An elegant wedding stationery set in black and white

“Clean, crisp, and elegant with an edge”

Nothing sings clean and crisp like black and white. As for the edge? That comes in the reverse text (white lettering against black background) and, for good measure, the emerald-green wax seal.

A french country wedding stationery set in blue

“French country, blue, and modern”

The main colors here were crystal clear, but it’s the details like the flora and stripes that play up the French country request with a modern twist. And to ensure that “country” part was fully covered, they tied it all together with a strand of rich brown suede.

You’re invited…

…to shake up your invitation designs as much as you please. But consider a few dos and don’ts when getting your papers in order. Theresa Anderson, owner of Sweet Paper, dishes hers.

Do reserve your engagement photo for just your save-the-date, not your invite.

Don’t make the invitation to your own aesthetic, but more that of your event and venue.

Do keep the invitation format traditional, meaning merely time, date, and place.

Do put any instructions to go online on a separate card to remind guests of that extra step.

Don’t think you will be able to write off paper all together. (There’s escort cards, menus, and more.)

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