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On the First Day of Christmas: Floral Wedding Trends in 2019/2020

floral wedding trends for 2020(Photo by Brogen Jessup)

‘Tis the season to recollect on a year’s worth of wedding trends and what’s to come after the calendar year ends. To a “12 Days of Christmas” tune, we’re revisiting what big day details we saw in 2019 and what’s sure to appear in 2020. (Spoiler alert: No partridges in pear trees… but a pheasant or peacock, maybe.)

By Jenna Miller

Time flies when you’re having a trendy year. One minute rose gold is all the rage, and then suddenly, everyone is fawning over rust and neutral tones. Natalie Gill from Native Poppy is here to help us stop and smell the roses as we reflect on floral wedding trends from this last year and look toward 2020.

In 2019, we saw a lot of dyed and bleached florals, Gill says. Bleached ferns and flowers were huge, as well as dyed flowers, like sweet peas, tulips and roses. Dried flowers—wheat, bunny tails, dried grasses, and ferns—made a huge comeback, too.

And with that dried-out look, we saw a lot of florals leaning toward brown and neutral hues—and with neutral ribbons to boot! Everything was being dyed brown, Gill says. (It was even a struggle to order brown roses because the demand was so high.)

“If you’re splurging, it’s fun to use hand-dyed silk. My favorite company is Tono + Co,” Gill says. “My friend Janelle hand dyes it in Santa Ana and every single one of the colors are incredible. The chiffon that we use in store is Bellame ribbon, which is hand-torn chiffon from San Diego. It has a super romantic and lightweight feel.”

Other trends in 2019 were brides carrying wreaths instead of traditional bouquets and groomsmen trading in their boutonnieres for flower lapel pins.

Missing in 2019 were bright, colorful flowers, as brides decided to turn their attention toward taupe, brown, and cream flowers instead. The succulent trend also started to fade into the background, even though it was quite popular a few years ago. There also weren’t as many big, unique flowers, like king protea showing up in 2019.

In 2020, Gill predicts we’ll see more playful colors. But don’t expect the brown trend to totally go away. Still, Gill’s already seeing brides leaning into color and choosing more bright, monochromatic palettes.

Gill also says that for destination weddings, silk flowers are becoming more realistic, if you can’t import your dream florist to your wedding. Talk about a coming-up-roses solution!

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