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On the Tenth Day of Christmas: Wedding Makeup Trends in 2019/2020

(Photo by Natalie Bray Photo)

‘Tis the season to recollect on a year’s worth of wedding trends and what’s to come after the calendar year ends. To a “12 Days of Christmas” tune, we’re revisiting what big day details we saw in 2019 and what’s sure to appear in 2020. (Spoiler alert: No partridges in pear trees… but a pheasant or peacock, maybe.)

By Becca Jones

When it comes to bridal makeup, nothing is off limits. And Stacey Triplow of Beauty by Stacey knows just how to make brides glow on their big day.

Triplow says a softly flushed look—either blushed or bronzed—was a hugely requested in 2019. It lends itself to innocence and femininity. Pair it with a smokey or defined eye, and you’ve elevated your look entirely.

“You can go so many ways with it: modern, bohemian, classic, or romantic, depending on placement or tones,” Triplow says. While makeup is highly dependent on a wedding’s overall aesthetic, Triplow says natural, nude lips will continue to be huge in 2020. “Browns, mauves, and pinks… We’ll also see a lot of rose colors, like you’ve just bitten into a strawberry!”

How to pull off such a natural look? Apply a bit of bronzer, a softly defined eyes, and a neutral lip. “I am often told by my clients that they want to look like a better version of themselves, without looking like they are someone else,” Triplow says.

As for lashes, Triplow says this year brides will keep it natural with fluttery lashes. “A little oomph brings more attention to the eyes for definition.”

It is difficult, however, to find a balance between keeping the makeup light and making sure it translates well in photos. “The ‘no makeup-makeup’ look is actually really hard to achieve.” Heavy makeup is equally as difficult. “I have so much respect for the artists that can do it,” Triplow says. “It truly is so beautiful because it’s art and theatrics.”

Still, she says, it is unlikely that luminous and healthy-looking skin will ever go out of style, and leaves us with some parting advice: “Working with your esthetician and finding a monthly routine of getting facials and using the proper products for your skin type is key. Oh, and drinking lots of water!”

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