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Wedding Cufflinks: How to Find Your Perfect Match

By Jenna Miller

Cuffing season is upon us. It’s the time of year where you attend countless weddings and cozy holiday gatherings, gazing upon the beautiful pairs attached at the wrist—er, hip. But what is on the guys’ wrist? Cufflinks.

Though they may be little, finding the perfect cufflinks can seem like a daunting task because they do make an impact on your overall wedding day look.

We called on Lauren Dorta, product and marketing manager at Friar Tux, to answer all of your cuffing season questions, relating to cufflinks that is. (If you came here for relationship advice, I’m sorry my friend. You’ll need to find a matchmaker to make you a match.)

When picking out these small accessories for your special day, Dorta suggests keeping in mind the color tone of both what you’re wearing and the wedding décor. If your fiance decided on gold accents in the reception room, then silver cufflinks may not be what you’re looking for.

“This is a great, subtle way to bring the look all together,” Dorta says. “Just because this may be the smallest item you are wearing, pairing the correct cufflinks with your look will make a big difference.”

Customization is key in this era of personalizing and individualizing weddings. So why not take it a step further and customize your cufflinks? As a groom, pick out a cool set of cufflinks that are unique to you and then pick out a simple style for your groomsmen that match yours.

Matching the style of your cufflinks to the style of your tuxedo is essential to you overall look, Dorta says. If you’re trading in the traditional tie for a bohemian bolo tie, then try matching your cufflinks to your bolo tie for that rustic, yet put-together wedding day look.

If your tuxedo is on the fancier end, choose cleaner cufflinks; however, if you’re going for more of the rustic look, then go for a more fun, playful cufflink like a picture of your dog’s face or a lightsaber.

“People are not wearing just the simple or traditional circular cufflink anymore,” Dorta says. “There are cufflinks for every interest and style—from the states where each person is from, animals, funny themes like mustaches, sports teams, and more.”

And lastly, don’t force this decision; just be you, and the perfect cufflinks will follow… mentioning that, here’s a few examples.

A magical twist

For his fantastical “I Dos”—inspired by both Harry Potter—Chris had cufflinks custom-made by JustCyndy to commemorate his big day.  (Photos by Let’s Frolic Together)

Really rustic

From the beginnings to their accessories, Jordan and Kambria‘s wedding was as rustic as can be. The groom’s cufflinks, in fact, were repurposed from shotgun shells.

(Photo by Holly Ireland Photography)

Make it modern

For a clean and cool accessory, Friar Tux has simpler cufflinks to elevate any groom’s style ever so subtly.

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