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Photo Pointers: How to Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

(Photos by Herman Au Photography)

By Becca Jones

Congrats, you’re engaged! Chances are you’re ready to yell your “yes” from the rooftop—or realistically, rushing to post your bling on social media.

Thankfully, we’ve called in a few pros—Shannon Henry, owner of Studio Carré Photographie, and Herman Au of Herman Au Photography—to answer our burning questions about snapping, posting, and announcing your engagement to the masses.

What is the best photo and caption to use to announce your engagement?

SH: The best photo shows the joy and emotion of the moment. It’s a time of surprise and spontaneity and doesn’t necessarily have to be a posed image or show the ring. A quick thought jotted down with an image on how you felt in the moment adds that special spark!

Should you and your partner be in the photo?

AU: That depends on your audience and the message you are trying to send. Showing the ring is a great way to announce you’re engaged in one simple image. It’s effective and gets the message across, which is why it’s been a very popular image to use on social media. If you’re posting a picture on Instagram to get likes, your face and body probably don’t matter as much. Make the ring the focus. If you want friends and family to share the joy and happiness of you celebrating, absolutely show more than the ring.

What are the most “Instagrammable” shots?

SH: Not just close ups of the ring, but photos captured in places of natural beauty that set a scene. These places reflect the personalities of the couple and their adventurous spirits! Quality, composure, and proper exposure also have a big impact on the images as well as telling the story.

Should you post multiple photos?

SH: An announcement should include multiple images to go along with the story. This is a big trend right now on Instagram.

How ’bout a classic selfie?

AU: If you want to announce right away, nothing beats the convenience of your cell phone camera. I actually applaud the fact that everyone has a good camera in their pocket nowadays. Never have we ever seen so many people taking so many photos in any point of history. It is hard, however, to do everything well with a selfie. Photographers can do more with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.  

If you value quality over speed, consider hiring a pro and communicate your vision to the photographer.

Care to make a further case to wait for professional photos?

AU: I always ask couples what they do and if there is anything unique we can incorporate into their session. I once had a groom who worked at a hangar and trained people how to fly airplanes. The three of us pulled the plane out and used it as a prop. It’s probably the biggest I’ve ever used in an engagement shoot to date. Remember, there is always something special about each couple!

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