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Finally, A Wedding Band Guide for Guys

Wedding bands for him are no longer just a choice between gold and platinum. As Allison Neumann knows well, there are plenty of alternative metals to choose from. Here, the owner of Allison Neumann Fine Jewelers shares a sampling of materials to explain what’s most suitable for which guy, from the clean cut to the gritty or the slightly nerdy types. And for forgetful grooms, she’s has one piece of advice: For goodness’ sake, “insure your ring, first and foremost.”

Photography: Studio Carré
Jewelry: Allison Neumann Fine Jewelers

(Materials listed in order from photograph, top to bottom)


It’s 30 times rarer than gold and a heck of a lot heavier, which means it’s incredibly durable and great for men doing hands-on work. “It actually hardens as you wear it, creating this really beautiful, satin finish.” And because it’ll stay strong so long, it’s a surefire fit for sentimental types.

White Gold

If your man struggles with staying on top of regularly scheduled maintenance—cleaning the gutters, changing the oil in the car—he may want to check himself before going for white gold. The alloy can be scratched and will thin over time, so prepare to bring it back to the jeweler for a polish and to replate the metal so it doesn’t turn yellow.

Damascus Steel

It’s actually stainless steel that is mushed together, making it very crack resistant, and it creates these really cool patterns,” Neumann says. It’s a beautiful option for men with an artistic side, and those hungry for customizations, like the gold strip shown here.


One of Neumann’s hottest new materials (It is from space, after all), meteorite is an obvious choice for science-minded guys and, due to its typically textured look, fitting for carefree lads. Beware, though: Since they’re mostly iron, these bands are moderately prone to rust.


Black as can be, this metal stands the test of time. It gets that dark shade from being subjected to heat, so it’s crack resistant and great for the modern man wanting to make a statement.


Not recommended for someone who works in water for long periods, because this band is most subject to morphing, scratching, and cracking from the elements. It’s also not best for sentimental guys, since it can’t be resized. On the flip side, handy grooms can rejoice. “You can actually provide your own woods, as long as it’s the right dimensions and hard enough.”

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