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Everything You Need to Know about Rose Gold Jewelry

Need a vintage and timeless piece of jewelry to complete your look, but you aren’t sure what would be a perfect addition? Two words — rose gold.

The blushing pink golden hue is known for its mass appeal as a shade that looks great on most skin tones and enhances the bold colors of other jewels. However, rose gold isn’t limited to just jewelry.

You’ve probably seen rose gold appear in the most unlikely of places, from hair color to silverware pieces, but how did the once little known color become such a major player in the jewelry industry, seemingly overnight? Here’s everything you need to know about rose gold and it’s rise to prominence in the fine jewelry industry.


What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold isn’t a true gold meaning that it doesn’t occur naturally, however, it is made up of naturally occurring metals. The metals gold, copper, and silver are mixed to create rose gold’s signature pink golden hue.

Every fine jeweler will have its own special rose gold ratios that they use to create the perfect hue, gold will be the most prominent metal, with copper in the rear, and silver appearing in small doses to lighten things up.

That said, you won’t only find rose gold in jewelry pieces. The shade has been co-opted by other industries when they are looking to appeal to a younger style-inclined crowd. Not to mention, the color is also culturally significant in other countries as gold is a symbol of status and can denote royalty.


The History of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold had its last heyday back during the early 1900s and was known then as Russian gold. In 1906, famed jeweler, Carl Fabergé used rose gold to create one of his greatest works “Uspenski Cathedral Egg.” This famous piece brought rose gold into public prominence, though its favor would be short-lived.

The start of the World War and the economic hardships the U.S. faced greatly decreased the use of rose gold, as precious metals were in high demand.

Rose gold saw a significant drop in popularity as white gold and platinum ruled the jewelry industry after the wars. Rose gold wasn’t widely popular again until the early 2010s.

Rose gold’s rise to the top has been astronomical and it has come back into fashion in a big way. From iPhones to luxury cars, rose gold has become a status symbol of both wealth and style.

The color is understated enough to appear elegant and fashionable in any setting. Some of the biggest brands in the jewelry industry have created rose gold engagement rings that pair the shade with diamonds and other jewels that enhance the subtle beauty of the metal.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking to add a statement piece to your jewelry collection you should definitely consider rose gold. Rose gold’s unique color can bring a welcome display of color without overwhelming your look. It’s the perfect mix of classic beauty and high fashion.

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