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How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

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By Jenna Miller

There’s no denying that your wedding is your special day. But it’s also an opportunity to make those you love most feel extra special, beginning with the woman who made this all possible, who made you possible: your mom.

Grecia Binder, founder of GB Weddings & Events, has seen brides approach these tokens of appreciation several a times. Whether it’s your mom, step-mom, grandmother, aunt, or another motherly figure, here’s her tried-and-true suggestions for making your mom feel special on your wedding day.


Get glammed up together         

Mom doesn’t have to wait to come into the room for that iconic photo of buttoning you up in your gown. Make her feel a part of your bride squad from the start, putting her name on the same itinerary as everyone else for hair and makeup—and pouring her a mimosa to enjoy alongside you and your gals as you a kick off to your big day!

“I notice a lot of my clients include their mothers while they get ready (hair and makeup) to share this special time together,” Binder says.


Go down the aisle together

Another less invasive way of making your mother feel special on your wedding day is to have her walk you down the aisle with you or you and your father. In fact, Binder recommends this to clients so the milestone’s as memorable as ever for everyone involved. “It’s very special to include both the mother and father to walk you down the aisle,” Binder says, as it means together the parents “give their daughter away to the new family (she’s) starting.”


Meet at the altar

If your mother is more of the all-in type of woman, have her get ordained and officiate your wedding herself. Seriously, Binder’s seen it happen before, when a mom donned religious garb and all to officiate her own daughter’s wedding.


When in doubt, go for keepsakes

For those mothers and grandmothers who sadly cannot be at the ceremony in person (or even for those you want to be sure are shown a little extra love), Binder suggests finding a tangible way to hold their memory close to you. For example, attach a photo inside a locket or place something that reminds you of them in your own bouquet.


And know it’s OK to draw a line or two

There’s a fine line between having your mom involved in your wedding planning activities and taking over the wedding. To avoid any mother-daughter disputes, it’s best to leave the wedding planning to the professionals like Binder, so you both can enjoy this magical day and cherish the small moments you’ll have together… like those mimosas. Cheers!


PLUS! How to keep your moms in order

Even when they try their hardest, sometimes moms can still overstep—er, over cherish—the planning process for your best day ever. Here, Rachel Welland, coordinator at and owner of Bliss Events, chimes in with a few pointers for ensuring your mother figures cherish your day your way.

Ask her to help with specific tasks. 

“Make it clear that you are handling certain things, and there are other things you would love help with.”

And assign those tasks.

Have your mother-in-law assist with “dress shopping, researching favor ideas, visiting hotels where you are considering room blocks, accompanying you and your fiancé to your cake tasting or menu tasting, or helping research/interview specific vendor types.”

Outline expectations early…

“… so they know exactly what you are wanting help with, and hopefully it satisfies their desire to participate in the planning.”

—Lauren Allvord

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