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From the Team: Adding Up the Pretty Little Things for Your Wedding

Florals by Tre Fiori Floral Studio, Photography by Carrie McGuire Photography

Anyone in love can attest there’s one cliché that always rings true: It’s the little things that count. That small gesture of pouring your partner a cup of coffee every morning, taking the dog for walk, and hey, presenting you with a tiny, shiny ring. But when it comes to those pretty little things—everything between that engagement bling and boutonnieres—they can be on the pricier side. We know, because for over a decade we’ve swooned over, snapped, and printed photos of every eye-catching detail we can find… and then faced readers’ No. 1 question, which is “How much is this going to cost me?” That’s why, for the first time ever, we asked the couples featured in our Real Weddings how much they spent. 

Now, bear in mind every newlywed had their preferred splurge—for some it’s pancakes and cake toppers, others floor-to-ceiling florals, or for more must-haves, check out what’s trending. But what was totally the same across the board? The priceless memories made. Our gown shoot, “Color Me Pretty,” is stacked with beautiful examples—literally so on our model’s fingers, thanks to Marrow Fine—to inspire your own tie-the-knot vision.

And believe it or not, it wasn’t just the garb competing for full-page spreads. The design teams totally wowed us by putting twists on traditional elements—escort cards floating from balloons, and a flower spear in place of a bouquet, for instance. Our Planning section is a healthy mix of those contemporary approaches with tried-and-true customs: We’ve got invitation suites that go against the grain, unusual metals making men question a bland band, plus what flowers are blooming each season, and finally, a chart to suss out which wedding planning package is right for you.

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