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8 Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be In Your Wedding Party

By Ale Aguirre


Congrats! Your honey popped “the question” and you said “yes!” What’s next? Time for you to do a little asking—of friends to be in your wedding party.

Here, we’ve rounded up 8 adorably creative ways to ask your closest kin and friends to stand beside you on your big day.


wedding party champagne glasses

1. Personalize a glass

Consider it a double whammy: Giving your friend a glass they can keep forever, plus a hint about your intended color palette—and them wearing it!—with a champagne flute, wine glass, or whisky glass with them hand-painted on it. (Look to designers like Ginta Barisa to order yours.)


2. Pamper them

Being a bridesmaid or groomsman can be a lot of work, like emotional-dedication-and-losing-sleep-lot of work. Start off their duties with a box full of essentials to recharge from outlets like Box Fox.


3. Customize a cookie

This one’s too sweet for them to say no: Put your question on a cookie and they won’t only say yes to being in your wedding party, but they’ll also say thank you!


4. And wine not give them a bottle?

Winos rejoice! There’s an easy means to get your girls or guys to agree to be in your wedding party—print your ask on a wine label, like this one from Zazzle. Cheers!


wedding party potters wheel

5. Get them together for a crafting date

To really spring a surprise on your best mates, coordinate a night out whereby you craft something together, say a pottery piece, and have the staff fashion cards onto each one at the end that pops your question.


wedding party coffee

6. Make them drink their coffee.

This one may require a slumber party or breakfast date at your place. Get your friend a coffee cup, with your ask at the bottom—meaning they have to drink the whole cup of joe until you get to see their reaction. (Outlets like Not On High Street have ’em.)


wedding party fortune cookie

7. Crack open a fortune cookie

Call up you closest friend and ask them if they’re down for a Chinese takeout binge, then substitute the fortune cookies with ones you ordered from Personalization Mall that are inscribed with your question .


8. Update their magazine subscription

Your Cover’s quite honestly got you covered with this one: Create a faux magazine cover and attach it to one of your pal’s favorite subscriptions. The headline? Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman?

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