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10 Wedding Fails To Brighten Every Couple’s Day

wedding fails

By Carly Shihadeh

The pressure most couples feel to put on the perfect wedding is very real.

But when things feel like they’re heading south, sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show host, asked his followers to share their most cringe-worthy wedding moments for his “Hashtags” segment using #WeddingFails. And what turned up on our feeds did not disappoint.

From problematic in-laws to dangerous dance moves, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite #WeddingFail moments to prove to planning couples that even the most picture-perfect weddings are never, well, perfect. You just have to embrace it!

Epic Entrance Gone Wrong
At least the groom made an entrance! Fallon started things off with a hilarious story about a zip line to the altar gone wrong, but he wasn’t the only one to witness a ceremony gone wrong.

Groomsman Down!
This groomsman wore too many layers in the summer and, as seen in this video, faints in the middle of the ceremony. Groomsman down!

Bride and Groom Down!
After this couple said “I do,” they both went down. Ouch!

This bride’s mother-in-law took #twinning to a whole other level when she wore a wedding dress to the ceremony. The bride wasn’t thrilled.

All three grandmas at this wedding surprised everyone by showing up in the same exact dress. How cute!

Dirty Dancing Gone Wrong  
On the other hand, this father-daughter dance was not cute. The flower girl cut in to attempt the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing. Both the bride’s father and the flower girl went down, but the bride promises that everyone was OK! She even ends the dance with a big “thumbs up.”

Friends Fail
This #WeddingFail sounds just like a certain cringe worthy scene from Friends when Ross says Rachel’s name while marrying another woman. We all know how that marriage ended.

Spanx Under a Tux
The bride at this wedding couldn’t stop laughing because she had just found out her groom was wearing Spanx under his tux. We’re totally laughing with you.

Take Two
The groom might not have thought this speech was funny, but we definitely do!

Potty Mouth
This bride doesn’t know that what she’s saying is being recorded by the couple’s videographer. (Just a humble reminder that all eyes—and ears—are truly on you on your big day.)

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