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The Importance of Event Branding for Your Wedding Day

With personalization becoming more of a priority for couples, developing an event brand is a key component to the wedding design. What is event branding? The event brand is the way in which an event will be perceived by guests and it is one of the first steps in the wedding planning process.

It starts with your custom invitation suite and that aesthetic is carried through all of the other details of the wedding. The color palette, informational signage, details, wording choices, and graphics all play a role and enhance the guest experience around every touch point.

Event branding is the common thread on your wedding day that gives the visuals cohesiveness and intention. Here’s how you can establish your event brand by asking your event or invitation designer a few key questions:

  • When guests receive your invitation, how do you want them to feel?
  • What emotions do you want evoke in your guests?
  • What are some important words when describing your guest experience?

By starting with a clear foundation on the visual aspects of your wedding early in the process, this will ensure a personalized and cohesive day.

Planning and Design: Michelle Garibay Events | Photography: Brian Leahy Photography

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