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Ben and Jennifer’s Gatsby-Themed NYE Wedding

By Erica Nichols

Not a drop of rain could have derailed Ben and Jennifer’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Instead, they just had to make a few tweaks around the drizzling—OK, big tweaks. Their coordinator, Ann’s Plans, made a quick change during the storm from an outdoor ceremony at The Prado at Balboa Park to an intimate space inside that overlooked the rest of the park. Guests sipped Champagne while the raindrops added a light ambience as the happy couple exchanged vows. “It was so romantic,” Jennifer recollects. “Everyone got to be part of our world for a moment. It was by far the best part.”

Then, Mother Nature literally rained on their second line band parade, intended to lead the newlyweds and guests in a march around the park. But the new Mr. and Mrs., too, had a quick fix in mind: Instead, the band moved indoors for a lively cocktail hour, kicking off their Gastsby-themed party

“The fact that weren’t throwing just a wedding, but a New Year’s Eve party made it so much fun to plan. We were grateful everyone chose to forgo their New Year’s Eve to be with us,” Jennifer says.

As for the theme: “It allowed us to think a little more out of the box than just a traditional wedding. Instead of starting dinner sitting down, we wanted everyone to start the night dancing! We wanted people to get excited for midnight and know that the party was just getting started at 12:01.”

And started at the strike of midnight it did—“the dance floor was nonstop until 2 a.m.”—preluded by a surprise flapper dance performance to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Bella Lux Entertainment and an outfit change from the groom, who went from a straight black tux to a sparkling gold-striped tuxedo for the reception.

As for the forecast thereafter? Happily ever after.

Gatsby New Year's Eve wedding Gatsby New Year's Eve wedding Gatsby New Year's Eve wedding

Cake: Cute Cakes
Catering and Venue: The Prado at Balboa Park
Coordination: Ann’s Plans
Dress: Mariana Hardwick, The Dress Theory
Entertainment: Bella Lux Entertainment and  Music Phreek DJ and Lighting
Florals: Tessfresh Flowers
Hair: Kaylie Babajan
Makeup: Charity Maestas
Menswear: Angelino and Tazio, Gentlemen’s Tux Club
Photographer: Studio Carré Photographie
Videographer: The Emotion Picture Studio

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