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8 Necessities for the Groom’s Wedding Day

It’s not as simple as strutting down the aisle. There’s the musk, the ’do, and yes, the tears to consider. As regional manager and event planner at Friar Tux, Eric Acuña has coached grooms through them all. Pore over his must-haves that keep every gent’s wedding day on track.

Necessities for the groom including cologne, a watch, cufflinks, and more

His Picks

1. “A Boldfaced handkerchief—aka Mandkerchief—is essential for those happy tear moments.” $10

2. Bleu de Chanel smells great and the bottle is chic enough to be photographed with the rest of your wedding day accessories.” $120

3. “Channel your Steve McQueen—and don’t be late down the aisle—with TAG Heuer’s Monaco Calibre 11 timepiece.” $5,900

4. “It’s not only sleek; Rimowa’s Topas Multiwheel suitcase in silver is also built to last through the big day, the honeymoon, and beyond.” $1,640

5. Jack Black’s wax pomade is my go-to hair product. It has a steady hold and just the right amount of shine.” $22

6. “Even if they’re hidden 99 percent of the day, Friar Tux’s patterned socks in light blue and charcoal diagonal can make your personality pop.” $10

7. “Opt for avant-garde accessories over traditional, like Friar Tux’s Black with White Diamond Dot Bow Tie, the perfect balance of flair and class.” $25

8. “Sometimes it’s the small details that add up to big style—consider Bloomingdale’s cufflinks in silver, with reversible studs.” $150

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