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5 Fun Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

One of the best parts about getting married is having your bridesmaids along for the ride and standing with you on your big day. These are the ladies who are the closest to you and who have been there for you for years. It’s your wedding, but you’ll also want to do a few things to make your bridesmaids feel special and stand out. So what are a few good ideas? We asked the wedding professionals at Imperial Event Venue in Los Angeles.

“There are always going to be things that brides do for their bridesmaids,” says Armen Hagopian, owner of Imperial. “But lately, we’ve seen some really clever ideas that make the girls feel great, and also make fantastic pictures.”

Here are five great bridesmaids ideas that Hagopian has seen cropping up more and more lately.


bridesmaids wearing teal jumpsuits with different wrap tops


Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

Why not leave the bridesmaid dresses in the shop and go for something a little more unique? Bridesmaid jumpsuits are very stylish, and they can either match perfectly or reflect the “mix and match” trend that’s been going on for a few years.

“Bridesmaid jumpsuits are a chic twist on the typical bridesmaid look,” says Hagopian. These will definitely get some attention—and keep your girls comfy all day long.


wooden clothing hangers with personalizations

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Personalized Hangers

So cute, right! It doesn’t seem like this is something that many brides do, but what a good idea. Having a personalized hanger with each girl’s “role” will give them something to keep forever that will remind them of your wedding. You can even have it match the theme, color, or style of your wedding.

“Photos of these hangers make an excellent addition to the wedding album,” says Hagopian. “And the bridesmaids and flower girl really love them.”


bridesmaids holding up small chalkboards with how they know the bride written on them


The “How I Know Her” Photo

We see this, but not often enough. Not only does this make a sweet, meaningful photo for the bride, it will also most likely get some great conversation going between your bridesmaids.

There are many types of boards that the girls can write on to match the style or theme of your wedding.


group of women raising their glasses for a "cheers" around a table


Bridesmaids “Ask Brunch”

An ask brunch is when the bride invites her potential bridal party to a brunch and formally asks them before, during, or after the meal to be in her wedding.

“An ask brunch is a little more advisable than getting each individual girl a bridesmaid proposal gift, because it makes the whole thing more of an event,” says Hagopian. “And if the girls don’t already all know one another, a brunch is a great way to allow them to get to know each other.”

On top of being a good getting-to-know-you activity, an ask brunch will probably make the girls feel more special, since it’s not as common as a regular bridesmaid proposal. It will also save you money, since you’ll be treating your group to a meal instead of buying them each a bridesmaid proposal gift. And if you decide to cook the brunch yourself, that will save even more!


wedding party wearing different colored floral robes


Getting Ready Robes

Getting ready robes are nothing new, but they’re worth reminding brides-to-be about because they’re simply adorable.

“Getting ready robes make perfect bridesmaid gifts, since they’re something pretty that the girls can re-use,” says Hagopian. (They also happen to look fantastic in pre-wedding pictures.)

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to getting ready robes. You can get matching ones, or you can choose different colors or patterns for each girl. You can also have them personalized with their names. And hey, if you think the girls would rather have getting ready pajamas or sweats, they make those, too.


So why not try a couple (or all!) of these fun bridesmaids ideas? Your bridal party will love them.

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