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8 Unique and Beautiful Wedding Florals

As we all know, flowers are a very important part of any wedding. Not only are they traditional (representing beautiful life and new beginnings), they also make the perfect décor and can truly tie wedding colors together.

“Flowers are a must-have for visionary brides, because they provide bursts of color all over the wedding,” says Gary Taglyan, owner of the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles. “Bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres—flowers should be everywhere.”

According to Taglyan, brides are getting increasingly creative with their wedding florals. From flower girls’ hair to corsages, here are some of the most creative and unique wedding florals they’ve seen.

bride with wearable florals down her arm

Via Passion Flower Events

Outfitted in Petals

Want to look like a fairy tale come to life? Check out these wearable florals by Passion Flower Events. Coupling a gorgeous floral headpiece with matching trailing arm flowers creates a breathtaking bridal look.

pink and yellow bouquet with glass bubbles

Via Aisle Society

Bouquet “Bubbles”

If you love shimmer and shine, consider adding iridescent glass “bubbles” to your bouquets. If bubbles aren’t your thing but you’d like to add an extra element, consider adding fresh colorful fruit to your bouquet instead.

one pink and maroon boutonniere and one yellow and green boutonniere

Via Xandra Photography and Rowell Photo

Statement Boutonnieres

“Don’t overlook the boutonnieres,” Taglyan advises. “They can add so much to the groom and his party’s look.” When a boutonniere is matched perfectly to a suit, magic happens.

bride with a floral statement necklace

Via Green Dahlia Florist

Floral Necklaces

“We’re seeing more and more brides choose floral necklaces for their bridesmaids instead of having them carry bouquets,” Taglyan says. “Or they decide to have both.” So beautiful!

bride carrying a single flower

Via Chic Vintage Brides

A Single Stem

Simple, sweet, and chic. Carrying a single stem down the aisle instead of a full bouquet not only saves money; it’s also unique and give the bride a lot of room for creativity with the color, type, and shape of her chosen bloom.

bride wearing floral anklets on the beach

Via Brooke Adams Photography

Floral Anklets

For those brides who decide to go barefoot—whether on the beach or any other outdoor venue—floral anklets are a bright, spirited choice. And we bet it makes dancing more fun!

bride wearing gold cuff bracelet with succulents on it

Via Passion Flower Events

Succulent Corsages

Like boutonnieres, corsages at a wedding should have a little pizzazz. “We’re seeing a lot of mothers and grandmothers of the couple wearing statement corsages,” Taglyan says. A favorite trend? Cool green succulents paired with warm metals. Trading the classic pinned-on-the-shoulder corsage or wrist corsage for a more fashion-forward look is helping make mothers feel more stylish on their kids’ big day.


Remember, florals can be one of the most creative parts of planning your wedding. Have fun with it, and embrace your ideas!

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