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Diamonds Are (Not) Forever: 3 Techniques for a Unique Wedding Ring

Sure, they’re our best friend, but they’re not our only friend. Jillian Sassone, the maven behind Marrow Fine Jewelry, suggests three nontraditional techniques to set your stone—or stones—apart.

The Source

Vintage diamonds—either family heirlooms or antiques sourced from dealers—are here to stay. Sassone says Old European cut diamonds, in particular, are flying out of cases. Unlike modern round brilliant diamonds, the Old European cuts come to less of a point, which means they draw in more light than kick it out. In other words, they’re less sparkly than the average rock, but they’re often larger and rarer.

The Color

The crystal-clear solution to standing out is not so crystal clear. Instead, opt for a color alternative. Diamonds in grey galaxy, champagne, grey sparkle, and even black are all built to stand the test of time, Sassone says, while other equally bold rocks like turquoise and Montana sapphires are more prone to wear and tear.

The Stacks

No, we don’t mean dollar bills. We’re talking bands. Stacking three to four is a sure way to have your ring stand out. Just remember to stick with a specific color palette or a monochromatic scheme when it comes to choosing the gemstone for each, Sassone says, and consider how your color preferences might shift over time.

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