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Why You Should Say ‘Yes’ to a Wedding Day First Look

“Should we do a first look?”

It’s the question that plagues plenty of wedding-planning couples.

The cons of opting in are obvious: The partner at the end of the aisle won’t show their real emotions—the choke up, the teary eyes, the beads of sweat on their brow­—as their better half trails toward them for the forever haul.

And most arguably, the guests will be deprived to lay witness, too. They flew, drove, Ubered all the way there, after all!

But, in our teary eyes, the pros totally outweigh the cons of a pre-nuptial encounter.

First things first. In privacy with your soulmate (photographers ignored) your emotions are safeguarded, unhindered by the judgement of tens or even hundreds of guests. There’s nowhere a rawer reaction can be had.

Second, photos before the ceremony allows for a quicker sesh after and more time to spend with guests, even the old-fashioned ones confused as to why you didn’t follow traditional protocol. (Sorry grandma, breaking tradition is tradition.)

Third, without the first look, you’re missing out on a few of the purest photos to include in your wedding book. And, if you’re feeling inclined, you can even give a peek to those guests peeved they missed out.

Sneak a peek for yourself into Ashley and Justin’s album, captured by the talented Brogen Jessup.

Wed at The Fire Garden, with a Bespoke bouquet in tow, it’s a moment the bride and groom will never forget—wedding bliss at its purest.

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