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Bethany and Justin’s Palm Springs Destination Wedding

As the apple of Justin’s eye, Bethany had a hunch he would propose during an annual fall apple picking weekend.

“The weekend was coming to a close and we were making our last stop at Quechee Gorge in Vermont,” Bethany recalls. “As we were walking down to the river, I asked, ‘So is there anything you want to ask me?’ He got down on one knee. The rest is history.”

Though intimate as well, the Connecticut couple’s nuptials were anything but the New England proposal—they went to the West Coast.

With Palm Spring’s 436 Olancha serving as their picture-perfect venue, Bethany and Justin’s friends and family conveniently rented houses in the same neighborhood during the weekend. Bouquets of roses and calla lilies paired beautifully with the venue’s natural palm trees, birds of paradise, and other desert aesthetics.

“A small weekend wedding gave me everything I wanted: lots of time with loved ones, personalized events, time for just the two of us, and my aisle moment,” Bethany reminds.

An intimate ceremony also allowed the couple to add their own personal touches. Bethany’s dad built the tables and she pinned a fabric note inside his tie that read, “Dad, thank you for walking by my side today and always.” They also had no regrets over skipping a first look.

“We loved not doing a first look,” Bethany says. “It was so fun to sneak off, take photos, and just hang out right after the ceremony. We aren’t sad about missing cocktail hour.”

But, in a turn of events, it was the reaction from the mother of the bride that Bethany will never forget.

“One of my favorite memories was when my mother saw me in my dress the first time. She was crying and had to hold on to the curtains to stay up.”

Catering: 24 Carrots
Coordinator: Cara Goset for Michelle Garibay Events
Dress: Rue de Seine
Entertainment (violinist): Pasquale Santos
Hair & Makeup: Jaime Voelz
Invitations: Minted
Jewelry: Peter Suchy (engagement ring and groom’s band) and Vrai and Oro (bride’s band)
Officiant: Chris Petty
Photographer: Jami Laree
Rentals: Signature Party Rentals
Venue: 436 Olancha

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