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4 Elements to a Well-Suited Wedding Look for Men

Go beyond the bare bones of a button-down, jacket, and trousers with elements, accents, and accessories tailorable to every groom. Seriously, suit yourself! 

“One of my favorite trends is for the groom to set himself apart from the groomsmen and dads. Wear your own suit, dare to wear color, or a patterned tuxedo jacket with solid black trousers.” –Catherine Bachelier Smith, CBS Lifestylist

On Left Model: Giorgio Balanero JacketA Better Deal Tuxedo; Ike Behar Laydown Collar Shirt, Friar Tux Shop; Woven Houndstooth Pocket Square, Ascot Shop; Cuff Links, Stylist’s Collection, CBS Lifestylist; Giorgio Balanero Pants, A Better Deal TuxedoBoots, Stylist’s Collection, CBS Lifestylist

On Right Model: Ike Behar Manhattan Jacket, A Better Deal Tuxedo; Black With White Diamond Dot Bow Tie, Friar Tux Shop; Floral Button Pendant, Ascot ShopWatch, Stylist’s Collection, CBS Lifestylist

4 Elements to See Fit

When composing a head-to-toe look, always consider color, pattern, texture, and shine.


A pop of color brings life to an outfit—either in the color of the full suit, a pocket square, or a tie. But never opt for bold hues
for all three.


Keep modesty top of mind with patterns in pieces as large as a jacket, but let flamboyancy abound in smaller accents like a tie or a pocket square.


Anything with three pieces or more creates a good degree of texture. A suit jacket, for instance, can have a lapel, a pocket square, and buttons.


Every outfit with shine creates visual interest. Achieve it with a watch, jewelry on a cuff link, a belt buckle, or even earrings.

Hair and Makeup: XO Beauty
Photography: Bauman Photographers
Stylist: CBS Lifestylist

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