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5 Defined Tastes for Your Wedding Cake

6 weddings cakes with various icings and florals

The real icing on the cake is what each coating says about you. Let the outside make a first impression but, remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


1. Fondant

noun [fon-duh nt]

With a consistency as solid as the sophistication and elegance of the couples drawn to it, fondant can also stand up to heat, making it a good choice for outdoor venues.

Created by: Laura Marie’s


2. Naked

adjective [ney-kid]

Raw beauty abounds from naked confections and, as an extension, the newlyweds who prefer them. Still, it’s the decor that adorns the frosting-less cake that allows it to flex from earthy to fancy.

Created by: Flour Power


3. Ganache

noun [guh-nahsh]

This chocolate glaze is a gaze-grabber, much like the modern and fun couples—with sweet tooths—who gravitate toward it. Its stiff shell makes ganache another good option for outdoor weddings.

Created by: The French Gourmet


4. Whipped Cream

noun [hwipt kreem]

For carefree and casual hearts, this light and airy sheen is best served and seen indoors.

Created by: Cute Cakes


5. Buttercream

noun [buht-er-kreem]

Among the most time-honored of the frostings, buttercream is a dense finish suitable for brides and grooms who prefer a classic look. Just be sure to keep this cake at room temperature.

Created by: Frost Me Gourmet

Coordination & Styling: Perfectly Poised Events
Decor: West ElmAnthropologie
Flowers: Native Poppy
Photography: Leaf Wedding Photography

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