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4 Wedding Cake Alternatives We Love

Got the cake blues? We don’t blame you. While wedding cake sampling seems like a great excuse to taste an infinite amount of desserts, after try number 50 with no luck of finding “the one,” red velvet doesn’t seem so tasty after all. Fortunately traditional wedding cakes are on the out, and the hunt is a lot more fun now that there are other desserts in the mix. Take a look at our four favorite alternatives to wedding cakes to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth on the big day.


Krispy Kreme wedding donuts on a dessert wall.

Bryan N. Miller Photography; Krispy Kreme Donuts   

No breakfast treats here, donuts are on the rise in becoming a wedding staple. Much like cakes, these sweets come in a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from whether they’re sprinkled, glazed, or topped with powdered sugar. Go traditional with a donut tower or create a wall like the one pictured here at Karina and James’s wedding. Bonus is you don’t have to do any slicing, they already come ready to serve!


If you and your partner don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, these French confections are the perfect alternative. Not only are there plenty of unique flavors to choose from—we love lavender and rose—but the flavor is just subtle enough to enjoy without going into sugar overload. Plus, they’re lipstick smear proof, win-win!


Carmel-glazed cupcakes at a winter wedding

Michelle and Damien Photography; Mountain Cakery desserts

It wouldn’t be a complete list without cupcakes. These mini-cakes are a highly popular substitute for how no-fuss they are. They’re easy to organize on a cake stand or tray, don’t require a fork, and can be decorated with frosting and toppings to make each one as beautiful as a classic wedding cake.


Pie display by Allie Lindsey photography

Allie Lindsey Photography; Jiminez Family Farm Pies

We don’t know where wedding pies have been all our lives, but we’re glad they’re here now! Consider large or mini pies to compliment a rustic or vintage themed wedding. Pies have that natural comfort food feeling that takes us back to grandma’s kitchen. Plate them on mismatched dishes for a DIY vibe.


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