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Rough Diamond: Paris Hilton Says Yes to Chris Zylka

Paris Hilton has long moved on from The Simple Life and finally said “yas” to married life. Chris Zylka put a ring on it atop a mountain in Aspen, Colorado, where the couple rang in the New Year.

And, oh boy, did the bling bring cold-weather shivers up spines in the Exquisite Weddings office. The behemoth, regrettably, resembles more of our tears dropped over it’s tackiness than the pear-shaped stone it really is.

Naked eye observations aside, fodder has it that the stone is the same shape as the stone the Hilton Hotels heiress’s father gave to her mother. To that, we’ll give The Leftovers actor kudos for researching the Hilton family’s tastes but a slap on the arm—perhaps the one on which he has Hilton’s name tattooed—for disappointing the masses.

Hilton, 36, and Zylka, 32, made their relationship public in February. Zylka took his “taken” status to the next level in July, by getting inked.

The 20-carat ring by Michael Greene that officially sealed the deal is valued at $2 million.

Until further details are unveiled regarding their big day, we will stand by in hope that diamonds do, in truth, get better with age.

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