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Anniversary Gifts: 10 Unexpected Picks

Anniversary gift giving doesn’t have to be uninspired, even if you want to stick to the guidelines, whether traditional or modern. From first year’s clock to sixth year’s candy to the diamond appreciation of a decade-long marriage, our unexpected picks will give you the perfect presents to choose from.

anniversary gift items, inlcuding purse, candies and watches

Year 1: Clock
Aquaracer 300M Quartz Stainless Steel and Black Dial Watch, Aquaracer 300M Quartz Stainless Steel Watch with Diamonds, Bloomingdale’s

Year 2: Cotton
Dark Floral Bow Tie, Friar Tux

Year 3: Leather
Leather Clutch, Vocabulary Collection, Vocabulary Boutique

Year 4: Flowers
Deluxe Vine & Bloom Box, High Camp Supply

Year 5: Wood
Walnut Burl, Do it Yourself, Boombox

Year 6: Candy
Sugarfina, Mint Studio

Year 7: Copper
Custom Decor Signage, The Creative Clique

Year 8: Silk
Hildy Robe in Pink, Robed with Love

Year 9: Pottery
Hammered Copper Pot, Native Poppy

Year 10: Diamond
The Valkyrie Princess Ring, Allison Neumann Fine Jewelry


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