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Survey Says: Wedding Planners are a Must

To hire a planner or not to hire planner?

For 50 percent of brides, that’s the first question after their engagement, according to Wedding Favors Unlimited.

The online retailer specializing in wedding gifts and decor shed more light on the debacle this year as part of its 2017 Bridal Trends Survey, receiving responses from 10,000 brides on whether they found it worth hiring a planner or not.

The verdict? A resounding yes—and with 89 percent of brides who did hire a planner being so pleased that they tipped, too.

Still, according to the survey, only 34 percent of brides actually hire planners. But 85 percent of these brides say this was among their most important vendor decision, after booking a photographer and purchasing a dress.

Of those who did opt for planning services, 28 percent went all-in on full-service planning, while 62 percent chose just day-of services.

And the bigger, the better is the consensus for utilizing a planner. A mere 9 percent of brides used a wedding planner for weddings under 50 people, whereas 58 percent use a planner for weddings larger than 150.

As for those who regarded the professional planning as being for the birds, 67 percent wished in retrospect that they had a wedding planner to make their day easier and say it was their No. 1 regret not having one.

With that in mind, we figured it’s safe to share three of San Diego’s finest who have recently graced our homepage, like:

Kristie Bryant of Hornblower Cruises & Events

San Diego wedding coordinator

San Diego Wedding Coordinator Melissa Barrad

Rachel Welland Bliss Events

Rachel Welland of Bliss Events

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