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Thankful for Florals: How to Top Your Tabletop This Fall

In the thick of Thanksgiving, gathering around the table is on our minds and, as an extension of that, the arrangements atop the tabletop. In the spirit of the holiday, we’re singing the praises to the floral stylings of Native Poppy—and rentals from Folklore and calligraphy by Kimposed.

While we’re going to let Michelle Lily White’s photos from the San Diego-based floral design company’s Thanksgiving shoot at Hatched Collective speak their thousand words, we did ask Native Poppy owner and founder Natalie Gill to jot down some her own. In a Q&A, here are her pointers for outfitting your bridal shower, reception, rehearsal dinner, and other celebratory tabletops with the foliage of fall. Eat ’em up!

What flowers are currently in vogue—seasonally and artistically—for fall?
Flowers in the fall can be so fun! Marigolds are in season—we love the big bright orange ones but are equally in love with dainty French marigolds. Cosmos are king during this season, as well. Strawflowers are blooming like crazy and lots of fun grains and grasses like millet, pampas grass, and amaranth. Make sure to throw in some fall-colored foliage and twigs.

Are there any blooms one should stay away from when attempting to create an autumn spread?
Try to stay away from using off season flowers being shipped from the southern hemisphere. I do see peonies popping up at the market, but I feel like it would be more special if we could all agree to just use them in the spring when they’re blooming closer to home.

What are some finishing touches to consider when outfitting a fall-themed tabletop?
Incorporate foraged foliage into your arrangements! Even though San Diego is full of tropical foliage it’s not impossible to find some leaves that scream fall here. Especially when rain pod trees are blooming—they are this magical rose gold color! Also, don’t be scared to throw in some dried flowers.


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