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4 San Diego Jewelry Makers Work Their Magic

San Diego’s a hotbed for notable makers, so it’s no surprise that some of our favorite jewelry designers work their magic right here in town. Whether you’re looking for the engagement ring of your dreams, or just the right wedding band for your best day ever, these four women—Tatum Lenahan of Love Tatum, Marrow Fine Jewelry’s Jillian Sassone, Allison Neumann, and Erin Fader—are pushing the boundaries of bridal beauty with stunning gems, divine designs, and inspired settings that you’ll want to wear forever.

4 San Diego jewelry makers

1. Love TatumTatum Lenahan

Tatum, who’s been making jewelry since she was 10 years old, describes her style as “refined beachy with a hint of edge.”

2. Marrow Fine JewelryJillian Sassone

Jillian’s first line came out last year, and she’s been making waves ever since, thanks to her modern profiles that always feature a surprising touch.

3. Allison Neumann JewelryAllison Neumann

Allison’s been giving brides the rings of their dreams for 16 years, and though her style continues to evolve, nature remains her constant inspiration.

4. Erin Fader JewelryErin Fader

Erin has been creating her Art Deco–meets–modern day collections for 15 years, and every piece tells a story.

engagement rings in multi-colored velvet boxes

1. “I love this custom white gold engagement ring, especially because the standout 2-carat emerald-cut center diamond is like looking into an endless pool.” – Allison Neumann

2. “I always draw my inspiration directly from Mother Nature and each gemstone that I source. This white dendritic opal symbolizes growth, love, and good health.” – Tatum Lenahan

3. “This ring is made from a vintage 1920s crystal. I love the history behind it, and the fact that it’s almost 100 years old, but is still modern with that geometric shape.” – Erin Fader

4. “This ring is a nod to a vintage ballerina ring, but with a fresh take on both the design and the rose-cut diamonds. It feels like a cross between a sunrise and Art Deco architecture.” – Jillian Sassone

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