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#ExquisiteSpotlight: Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild

Meet Kimberly Buffington, the La Jolla-based floral queen of Flowerchild. She does modern and luxurious florals for San Diego weddings and private events. Follow along her floral journey on Insta at @flowerchildsandiego.

Kimberly Buffington of FlowerchildWhat are some traits that define you?
Mother, wife, dog lover, strong-willed (if I’m being nice — it’s probably better said as stubborn), honest, hard working. Definitely not lazy.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My morning workout at Orangetheory. It’s a love-hate relationship, but I’m fully committed. A beautiful sunny day will also pop me out of bed, especially during the summer. Living in La Jolla, mornings often start off grey, so if the sun is shining I feel bad wasting it away in bed.

Where is your favorite place to be?
At home snuggling up with my three dogs and a good book. My job is very laborious. Any chance I can sneak in a nap to recharge the batteries, you will see a big smile on my face. There really is no place like home for me.

Your job in three words:
Professional flower twirler.

What do you love about your job?
That it brings smiles to people’s faces. Flowers have great energy. They make people happy. They transform any space into something special, small or large. I’ll be delivering or setting up flowers and there is always someone who will stop and admire the flowers’ beauty and say something nice. My husband always stops and smells the roses anytime we are on a walk. It’s so cute. He’s done it ever since I’ve known him. Flowers’ beauty are intoxicating, especially peonies when they are in season.

The wedding trend I am obsessed with right now is:
The doughnut dessert bar. I love doughnuts but used to be shy to admit this for being judged as an unhealthy eater. Now that the world is embracing them, I’m stoked!

What’s your favorite detail in the Spring issue of Exquisite Weddings magazine?
I personally love the local wedding section. I enjoy seeing the couples’ personalities shine through the wedding details. For example, Nathaniel and Tatum’s real wedding. They really did a great job weaving their style through their special day. The gemstone/quartz touches, printed napkins, black and gold glassware. Nailed it!

Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild

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What San Diego wedding venue do you adore (or would love to work at)?
I would love to do an event or wedding at The Wood Shed in Vista. I just love everything about the space. Anyone have an event coming up here that I can design for? Please, please!

Who is a San Diego wedding vendor you admire and why?
Ashley Mayow. Wedding planner, designer, and owner of Adore Wedding Design. Our paths crossed a few years back when she secured me as the florist for her wedding. She had so much fun planning her own wedding that she decided to make a career change into the wedding industry. We have worked on many events and style shoots together. It’s so fun to see her spread her wings and watch her business grow. I admire her professionalism with clients and vendors and her love for event design. She really desires to make each event special. She is sweet, kind, and hardworking. I have always been a fan of supporting small businesses, but I have feeling she won’t be small for long. I would keep an eye on her.

What is your most beloved wedding and details?
You know, it’s the smaller weddings that I seem to find a special place in my heart for. I always look forward to my first consultation with the couple. I get a chance to see that young love sparkle. It takes me back to when I first met my husband. I enjoy getting to know their style and understand what details are most important to them. Carmellee and Alvin (photos below by True Photography) definitely come to mind as one of my most beloved weddings. Mostly because of all the love that poured out of them. Family and friends is number one on this couple’s list. This meant they had a pretty large list of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bride has a love for natural bundles of greenery with touches of lavender and pheasant feathers. She said she wanted an organic boho vibe to her special day. Little flower crowns were available for guest to wear upon arrival. Wood benches at the ceremony area. Mad Libs and tattoo station. Centerpieces included mix-and-matched wood terrariums, lanterns, flowers, and candles. Personalized bride and groom silverware and wooden ring box. She had a beautiful purple ombre naked wedding cake with cute desserts surrounding it. Everything about this wedding was understated with a magical vibe. It was very memorable.
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild
Kimberly Buffington of Flowerchild

What’s your go-to motto?
Do it yourself — don’t wait for someone to do it for you!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
I don’t drink coffee, used to have 6 chickens in my little backyard in La Jolla, and come from a big family with 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

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