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Top 6 Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

We’ve visited the fashion shows, and we’ve flipped through all the magazines. Bridal couture of 2017 is well and truly under way, and with the help of our friends at, we’ve brought you the top 6 wedding dress trends of 2017 — as well as a few of our hand-picked favorites.

Wedding Dress Trends: Off the Shoulder


Don’t let those days at the gym when you were #sweatingforthewedding go unnoticed. The off-the-shoulder neckline, which dates back to the Victorian era, will show off your perfect figure in all its glory, and its versatile applications make your look all the more unique.


Wedding Dress Trends: Simplicity


Tres minimaliste! Copious décor is passé and has been swapped for simplicity of line and sober embellishments. We’ve seen the rise of minimal cuts and shiny fabric as opposed to shiny décor. After all, sometimes less is more, and nothing says chic like a sleek and elegant gown.


Wedding Dress Trends: Plunging neckline dress

Plunge neckline

Bold and baring, designers have encouraged 2017 brides to show it off. Alluring and stylish, the plunge neckline is a great way to show off your feminine frame, and perfect for the modern bride willing to make a statement.


Wedding Dress Trends: Sheer Dress


Is it there, is it not there? The weightlessness and mysterious allure surrounding sheer fabrics is what brought them on the runway this year. Whether it’s a sheer overlay, or an embroidered-sheer gown, heads will be turning as you show up in this bold and stylish wedding gown.


Wedding Dress Trends: Bow dress


Chic and stylish, the bow as a detail on the back or neckline has become a statement piece this season, and the possibilities are endless. Big bows add a feminine finishing touch to any look, and can also be a darling addition to the sleeves.


Wedding Dress Trends: Colorful dress


Nothing like a little blush to complete the bridal glow. Adding a tinge of color to the bridal pallet has been a hit this season. Whether it’s a blush pink or a seafoam green, this colorful spin on tradition makes your look straight off the runway.

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