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The 5 Hottest Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Trends Right Now

Have engagement rings on your mind? Brilliant Earth recently opened a jewelry boutique in San Diego’s own jewel, La Jolla. It’s their fifth national location and first walk-in space. Co-founders Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg started Brilliant Earth in San Francisco with a shared passion for responsibly-sourced jewelry. Their jewelry is inspired from the earth and the collections feature white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold with diamonds and gemstones. 

We toured the new San Diego jewelry boutique, went gaga over their sparkly collections, asked lots of questions about current engagement ring and wedding band trends, and also peeked at their outdoor deck, with a gorgeous ocean view, that could be the perfect proposal spot.

Engagement Rings

5 Current Trends for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands:

1. Gemstone goodies! Colored gemstones, such as Aguamarine (light blue) and Morganite (soft peachy pink), are the top engagement ring trends for 2017. We fell in love with Brilliant Earth’s Morganite Fortuna ring (pictured above) and didn’t want to take it off.

2. Now, let’s talk metals. White gold is still the most popular metal for wedding bridal jewelry. Rose gold is a close second as it’s the trending metal for recent brides. We have a hard time deciding between the two! White gold and platinum are the hottest metals for grooms wedding bands.

3. Craving a new diamond cut? Check out the rose bud cut below. It’s part of Brilliant Earth’s Avant bridal collection and we couldn’t stop staring at it. The cut is inspired by antique gem cuts.

4. Right hand bling, is this a thing? YES! If your engagement ring is full of side details and you don’t want to pair it with a wedding band, no problem—wearing a wedding band on your right hand is growing trend for brides.

5. Surprise her! Pick out a Brilliant Earth diamond and present your girlfriend with a diamond jewelry box and let her pick the ring setting after the proposal. Wondering which cut to go with? Round, princess, and cushion cuts are most popular in that order. However, the princess cut is the number one pick for San Diego brides-to-be.

Engagement Rings Engagement Rings

If you’d like to peruse the Brilliant Earth gemstone colors and unique styles in person, you can book an appointment here.


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