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Wedding Color Inspiration: Black Onyx

Black onyx represents strength, seriousness, and elegance. The gemstone is often associated with protection and is thought to absorb and transform negative vibes, helping to prevent the drain of personal energy—especially crucial during times of stress.

Wedding Color Inspiration: Black Onyx


1. Black and White Statement Necklace, Vocabulary Boutique
2. Gilded Wedding Invitations, price varies, Minted
3. Cake, Laura Marie’s
4. Black Onyx Triangle studs, Love Tatum
5. DIY Tulle Balloon
6. The Frank Sinatra Black Velvet Bow Tie, $90, ZB Savoy
7. Melamine Quote Plates by Sugarboo Design, $10 each, Goldleaf South Park
8. Giuseppe Zanotti Coline Wings Suede Sandal, $1,595, Neiman Marcus

Cake photo by Ashley LaPrade Photography


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