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Love Goodly Bridal Box – A Review Every Bride Should Read

My Love Goodly Bridal Box arrived way before I was expecting it. I am notorious for my chapstick collection so the very first thing I wanted to try was the Hurraw! Vanilla bean balm. This is a vegan lip balm that smells as good as it tastes without all the extra additives.
Love Goodly Bridal Box

The next item I was eager to use was the Pukka “Love” tea. It has a really light floral notes, so if you like strong, bold flavored tea this is not the fit for you, but it was perfect for an after-work decompressing cup of tea.

The same night I opened the box I used the Little Barn Apothocary Aloe + Rosewater Face toning Balance mist. It sprays out really gently, not like a lot of other misting bottles where you feel more like rain is coming down on your face. In addition to it smelling like a rose garden, it really calmed the redness in my face very quickly. I like to call it a spa in a bottle. I should also mention that after trying all the products in the box, this was by far my favorite.

The KINDri organic beauty oil is a product that was created by celebrity esthetician Robin McDonald. He has a celebrity status for a reason: this beauty oil is addictive and helps skin feel softer and clearer while working to eliminate dark spots.
KINDri beauty oil

I had been putting off using the Juice Beauty glowing organic cheek color in pink because it is very very pink… at least that is what I thought from looking at it and that color just doesn’t work well with my skin tone. So I gave it a try and discovered that just the smallest amount goes a long way. The powder is easy to apply and blend, and the minerals in the powder work with any skin so that it doesn’t appear as pink as it looks in the container, which was a relief for me.
Blush - very pink

I have been a big fan of Pacifica for a while so I was really excited to see I would be getting one of their candles in the Bridal Box. Mine happened to be the Tahitian Gardenia, which filled the room with a tropical floral scent before I even lit it. Their candles are known for their long life due to the soy wax they use, so you can smell that tropical scent for several months. Like I said, it’s like a spa day in a box and who wouldn’t want that — especially as you prep for your big day? The total cost of a Love Goodly Bridal Box is only $35, so it’s a perfect gift for any bride, as well as a great bridesmaids’ gift idea.
Pacifica Candle


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