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This just in: Our Feb/March magazine makes its shining debut!

Hello February! Let’s celebrate with a new magazine cover, shall we? This cover image is from one of the gorgeous real weddings we featured in the spring issue by Elate Photo and Bespoke Occasions. We loved this wedding from the moment we saw it. Want to see the full #exquisiterealwedding feature? Click here. Enjoy!

We spoke one on one with their florist: Leah with Bespoke Occasions. She dished the inside scoop with us on this real couple’s awesome color palette + style that inspired all the florals….

“With most couples, we settle on a general color palette, style, and I’ll call out a lot of the flowers we will be using for their wedding. Mother Nature is a tricky lady, sometimes, and the flowers that you thought for certain would be available that week, just suddenly aren’t. Maybe it’s colder this year, and the blooms you wanted just haven’t opened, yet, or, it’s been weirdly hot, and they all bloomed out, or customs didn’t clear your flowers in time. And, sometimes, amazing surprises are waiting at the market. Something you never could have counted on miraculously shows up, and you cannot resist buying it. Those days are the best. 
Molly and Robert trusted me with their vision, and while they had a general idea of what they wanted- organic and natural with a touch of gilded glam- they didn’t have any really strong opinions on how I achieved it. I set out with a color palette of the very on-trend blush and cream, and that delightful bright pop of fuchsia, to channel a little of that Old California bougainvillea brightness. (Bougainvillea is a tricky flower in that it wilts very unexpectedly, and with an outdoor wedding in the sun, you can’t control the elements. We used very small touches of bougainvillea in the groom’s boutonniere and the bridal bouquet.) I had Molly’s permission (or, maybe it was insistence, I can’t remember who wanted it more) to use king proteas and small touches of air plants; both things that make my heart skip a beat. Picking up that flower order from the market was like Christmas to me. Buckets and buckets of bright anemones and ranunculus, with king proteas, and an amazing surprise of Bleeding Hearts. Oh, the things that make a floral designer feel lucky! It was a day where I felt rich in flowers, silly, I know. 
While Molly and Robert trusted me and let me do what I felt was best, they were in no way disinterested in the floral process. Molly kept me updated about all the decor she was supplying for the tables, so that we could make sure everything worked together. It really was a collaborative effort, which allowed it to be a wonderful day. And, I got to keep Lauren from Sweet Cheeks company, as she set up an amazing dessert table. It’s always fun to work with friends. ” -Leah, Bespoke Occasions

Thank you, Leah for sharing with us! You sure WOW’d us with this wedding. LOVE.

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