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4 Tips To Help You Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring

Katie from Orla James shares 4 tips that will help every couple choose the perfect wedding ring.

Orla James RingsTip #1 – Keep the future in mind

Buying a wedding ring is not a decision to take lightly! This could be the ring you will wear for the next 30 years, so you should be buying with the future in mind. On top of that this will likely be the only jewellery you and your partner will be buying together and wearing everyday. So making some smart decisions before you shop could be crucial to finding the ring you are both happy with.Orla James RingsOrla James Rings

Tip #2 – Start looking early

You wouldn’t believe how long it takes to find the perfect ring! You’ll need time to look, try, research and not to mention custom rings take time to make! Give yourself a good 2-3 months before your date because there has never been as much choice on the market as there is today with online and high streets jewellers.Orla James Rings

Katie from Orla James shares “consumers aren’t limited to the high-street anymore, there is a lot more competition through online sales and this drives companies to provide more unique rings.”Orla James Rings

Tip #3 – Budget appropriately

It’s easy to get carried away with finding your ring, there might be one that just feels like the absolute perfect ring and if you buy it, you end up taking money away from the rest of your wedding! Aim to spend no more than 5% of your wedding budget on your ring and remember engraving and embellishments will cost more.Orla James RingsOrla James Rings

Tip #4 – Make sure it’s the right size!

Your finger won’t always be a specific ring size, when measuring your finger make sure to take a few measurements over a period of time and take an average. When trying rings on keep in mind if it’s the morning, overnight salt retention could have caused your fingers to be slightly swollen or right after exercise blood vessels expand making your fingers appear larger.Orla James Rings


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